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Networking & Capacity Building

Networking and Capacity Building of Voluntary Organizations for Community Health Promotion

- Khoj Project

“MPVHA believes that networking is basically an institutional framework, in which attempts are made to bring groups, organizations or individuals close to each other voluntarily or consciously for the process of synergizing resources and strengthening it. It helps to create a pool of resources, information, knowledge and skills, which can be used for betterment of the society”.


MPVHA, a membership based organization, was established in 1973 and it is one of the largest network of health and development NGOs of Madhya Pradesh state. Its major strength is that it has managed to lead and support many small NGOs across the state through a carefully planned and well documented training and health programmes which have been responsive to the needs of its member organizations.

Key Supporter

MPVHA will always remain thank full to the Christian Aid, London for its long support in building the capacity and strengthening the MPVHA network in Madhya Pradesh. The support started in the year 1988 and continued till 2005.

Main Objective

The main objective of the Networking and Capacity Building Project was, ‘to promote holistic health through partnership and empowerment of the people, with particular emphasis on most vulnerable sections of the society, so that they can build a healthy, sustainable and just society. About 200 member organizations of MPVHA actively participated in various capacity building and training programmes of the project.

Key Objectives
  • To encourage community participation in the promotion and improvement of people’s health.
  • To promote quality healthcare through planned and effective use of available resources.
  • To facilitate NGOs to build good and productive relationships with relevant civil, government, national and international agencies.
  • To build the capacity of member organizations for their optimum participation in community health programmes and social justice movements.
  • To create a forum to campaign and raise issues affecting health promotion in the state of Madhya Pradesh.